Convection oven (Electrostatic painting) (DHP - TCD 502)

A. Specification:

- Size: L1200 x W800 x H2000

- There are 16 trays stainless steel punch tray, tray or flat mesh. Tray size: 700 x 700.

- Design Capacity: 7 KW

- Output voltage: 5 KW (depending on each product).

- Fan Motor: 1HP - 220V (380V)

- Weight: 300 kg.

- Evenly between the trays.

- Can be less drying than for a batch tray drying system due to air traffic control.

- You can adjust the humidity in the discharge time drying cycle.

- There siren warning system when installed sufficient drying time.

- Insulation standards.

- Easy to clean.

B.  Application:

Drying of agricultural products, medicinal powder or granular form.

Suitable for the family business households, laboratories.

Agricultural products: Tea Artichoke

Food: elderberry, who art ...

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